Letters to the Editor


Editorial gets it right

Finally!! Someone gets it right. Your editorial in the July 19 Times of Ti, regarding the defensive use of guns, is to be applauded.

Awareness day planned

Sept. 9 is the 15th International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Day.

Responds to letter

I was happy to see the letter about the new health center in Warrensburg penned by three prominent women from that town, one a former Hudson Headwaters’ board member, another the wife of a former board member.

Thanks for scholars support

The 12th running of Race the Train was filled with excitement on a beautiful day.

Family grateful

To our Friends, Neighbors and the Johnsburg Community at large:

Editorial thought provoking

Your recent editorial about the expense of quarantining two American victims of Ebola virus was thought provoking.

Dunk tank thanks

On Saturday, July 26 Cornerstone Alliance Church participated in a dunk tank to raise funds for a local family’s medical expenses.

Upset with coverage, editorial

I suggest that before you publish the editorial, you do the research for the correct facts.

Name carefully

As residents and taxpayers, we have been watching the large new building being built to house the Warrensburg Health Center.

See you at the show

Our Town Theater Group would like to thank the community for supporting the recent Seagle Music Colony performance of “Side by Side By Sondheim” at Tannery Pond Community Center.

Liking the water

The Town of Warrensburg has done a great job improving the the water quality for those of us getting town water.

Questions editorial

Your editorial, July 17 claiming “statistics prove that guns can and do save lives” requires some close examination.

Climate debate continues

There’s been controversy in recent months brought on by believers in Al Gore’s extremist views of climate who advocate that opposing views should be censored by newspapers.

Editorial got it right

Finally!! Someone gets it right.

Golf outing a success

On Sunday, June 22, eleven teams teed off at the Saranac Inn Golf Course for a great cause.