Found dead in a barn | Turning Back the Pages

One Hundred Years Ago – February, 1915

Adirondack Sportsmen Dinner | Athol-Thurman

The Adirondack Sportsmen Dinner will be held at Mountainside Christian Academy on the same date, March 14 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Damn coyotes! | Notes from the North Woods

In last week’s column, I referred to the process of rewilding our youth, in the same manner we rewilded our lands.

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Conservation Conversations

The Beatles did a song a while back called Day Tripper, if you are lucky, you can listen to it on your way to one of the following programs.

High Heels | Little Bits

High heels. My muses are at work again and that’s what they gave me today.

Historic artifact recovered | Turning Back the Pages

Fifty Years Ago – February, 1965

Jackwax Party | Athol-Thurman

The annual Jackwax Party will be held at the Thurman Town Hall, March 14.

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Into the wild | Notes from the North Woods

I suppose it’s one of the most common afflictions of age, and it likely explains our unrelenting desire to return to familiar, natural surroundings.

New doors opening | Little Bits

Seven, eight, open the gate.” Did that conjure up any memories of your childhood? How about, “one, two, buckle my shoe?” I suppose you could stuff that in a category called Nursery Rhymes. It’s one of those things you learn very early and never forget.

Vaccination dilemma | Turning Back the Pages

One Hundred Years Ago – February, 1915

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Wild or not, off to the woods we go | Notes from the North Woods

Currently, the Adirondack Park remains the largest state protected area in the contiguous United States.

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Oil spill response | Conservation Conversations

Minus 18 degrees was displayed on the console of the truck when my cohort picked me up for the trip.

Albert Emerson’s vision takes shape | Turning Back the Pages

Fifty Years Ago – February, 1965

Bookshelves filled | Athol-Thurman

An addition has been made to the Thurman Town Hall—bookshelves filled of donated books for young children to read and enjoy!

Cool days and cold nights | Notes from the North Woods

As I pen this week’s column on a cold Feb. 1 morning, there is a slight chill in the air. The thermometer reads -8 F, and a stiff wind is blowing in hard from the west. The sun is shining and the scene is idilic.