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College for Every Student search for schools

A national nonprofit, College For Every Student (CFES), is searching for five schools to participate in a high-impact program that will help low-income students become college and career ready.

Gabrielle Lebihan earns honors | On Campus

Gabrielle Lebihan of Brant Lake, has earned one of Nazareth College’s Athlete of the Week Honors.

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Renovations to Lake George schools headed for public vote

Lake George's public schools are to be upgraded if the public approves the $2.82 million project in an upcoming vote.

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No. Warren PTO forming; group plans school activities

Parents of North Warren students form PTO group to boost school activities, help teachers in educating the area's youth.

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Three year ‘Adirondack Moose Study’ underway

RAY BROOK — The research project launched to study the moose population in the Adirondacks is just getting started. Regional Wildlife Manager, Ed Reed, explained what the study hopes to do and what steps will be taken in the near future.

Local school districts team up for Stand Up for Upstate Schools program

HESTERTOWN — Almost five years ago, the GAP Elimination Adjustment was instituted to balance New York State’s budget, taking away state aid from public schools and municipalities. Now that that state has a surplus, these funds still have not been restored. To address this and educate the community of its impacts, all 31 school districts in the region have joined together to create “Stand Up for Upstate Schools,” an advocacy event to be held on Jan. 22 at 6 p.m. at Saratoga Springs High School.

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Moriah family focused on helping others after lawsuit win

“We wanted to seek justice for our son (Joshua) and we wanted to hold a large company like that accountable,” Lori Drake said. “But we really wanted to raise awareness for families where they may be considering something like this as a treatment for their children or themselves. We are hoping we can get away from the monetary part.”

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Lebihan earns honors

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Sanalitro wins Minerva’s BOE seat

MINERVA— After the Dec. 2 forum at Minerva Central School, it was difficult to determine who would become the newest member of Minerva Central School’s Board of Education, which was decided by a Dec. 11 vote. However, one candidate had to come out on top and after the vote, as Ron Sanalitro beat out opponents Hayley Killon and Karen TenEyck to earn his spot on the board.

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The FUND for Lake George introduces new technology

LAKE GEORGE — The FUND for Lake George has been persevering to protect the Queen of American Lakes since 1980; their newly opened “Center for Lake George” features visualization technology to bring new understanding to the science behind the lake’s biggest threats. In a Dec. 15 interview, the FUND’s Corrina Parnapy, Water Quality Outreach Coordinator, opened up the center’s doors and revealed everything that was waiting inside.

Leslie Bruce | On Campus

Hartwick College News

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Bond Act approval means $1.1 million technology boost for WCS

North Warren, Johnsburg schools to benefit too

By next fall, Warrensburg Central students will likely be enjoying the benefits of a pending $1.1 million grant earmarked to boost computer technology resources in the district.

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North Warren voters approve roofing project, upgrading facilities

North Warren's top school official is particularly happy that voters approved a school roof reconstruction project Tuesday — Peg Brady, Supreintendent of Schools, now won't have to set out buckets in her office to catch leaking water when it rains!

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North Warren residents to vote Tuesday on new school roof, HVAC system & standby generator

If voters approve, the school will have its roof reconstructed and its HVAC system upgraded, plus a new standby generator that will come in handy when there's a power outage.

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