Proper flag protocol

To the Editor:

With the parade season upon us, I would very much like to issue a reminder.

The proper protocols for the American Flag and the National Anthem are to rise to your feet, remove your hat or headgear, hold it over your heart and stand in reverence to these great icons of American Freedom.

All too often, we see the proud veteran struggle to rise and remove his hat in respect while those around him continue their conversations, leave headgear on and ignore the passing of the flag or the playing of our National Anthem.

Please remember that are hundreds of thousands of brave souls who are not here to celebrate parades and holidays because they stood up, stepped up and fought under the flag for our freedom.

When these brave soldiers are fighting on foreign soil, the flag is the symbol that energizes them and reminds them of those back home waiting for their return.

Please enjoy your parades, enjoy your cookouts and parties, but also, please remember where we are and who gave us this freedom – rise, show respect and honor those who have given that to us.

Richard Cutting

Essex County Sheriff

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