Fracking ‘anitdotes’

To the Adirondack Journal:

Two things - first, please look up the two similar-sounding words “antidote” and “anecdote” and then check to see which one was employed in at least four places in this editorial. I found the article otherwise well-thought-out and well-written, but this jarring clinker sharply disappointed.

Second, is it possible that fracking could be made safer to the point of acceptability by imposing rules on the industry? Just to start with, as you noted they were exempted from the Clean Water rules with which every other entity must comply. This has helped make their product appear less expensive than it really is, and confuses us when we try to value it. The destructive results of rule removal also must whip up opposition to the industry. Could frackers become decent trusted fellow citizens with proper oversight? Could they be made to produce a truly valuable product, and not a morass of enviro horror? Anecdotally, it would seem that even greatly expanded alternative energy sources cannot bear the burden of our energy demands. I just don’t hear a lot about any possibility of reforming the fracking industry (though granted that would almost certainly raise their costs, perhaps astronomically) and I don’t know enough about the science. I wonder if it would make an interesting further article, or if it’s a dead end.

Thanks for keeping attention trained on the subject.

Marianne Hines


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