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100 Years Ago - February 1913

Bad luck revisited

Mrs. Susan Woodward, 75, while walking in Warrensburgh on Mountain Avenue in Warrensburgh, on Jan. 29, 1913, in company with Elizabeth Crandall, fell on the ice and striking with great force on her left hand broke both bones of her arm in the wrist joint. This is the second time that the member has been broken in nearly the same place. The other wrist was also previously broken near the joint. Mrs. Crandall assisted her to the home of her son, J.H. Woodward on upper Main St. where she resides.

Two years before, while suffering an attack of vertigo, Mrs. Woodward fell down a steep flight of stairs at the Woodward residence and sustained injuries from which she has never fully recovered. Last August, 1912, she had yet another severe fall from the piazza of her son’s house. She is enduring her current suffering from her latest injury with great fortitude.

Fell head first

William Austin, while driving Orson R. Wilsey’s team on King St., Warrensburgh was seized by an attack of vertigo and fell unconscious from the wagon into the street. Otto Fish saw him fall and ran to his assistance. Austin was carried to his home and remained there unconscious for quite some time.

Illness and trouble abound

Charles Payne of Indian Lake suffered a stroke of paralysis and high school teacher Julia Cross has the grippe. Wilbur Perkins of West Stony Creek is suffering severely from a lame back.

Connie Baker of Fort Ann is staying in North Thurman. About two weeks ago he had two of his fingers cut off and two others severely mangled in a corn-husking machine.

Kenneth Duell of Horicon fell on the ice and cut his head quite badly. Mrs. Alfred Duell of Bolton Landing is ill with pleurisy.

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