Thurman EMS to close

To the Adirondack Journal:

It has been said that you can't fight "city hall," Well, we tried, and we lost.

In fact the entire community of Thurman has lost. They have lost their right to protection by their local government.

Money, power, and control have been put before the safety of the residents — and this by the County Safety Officer (also known as the Thurman Town Supervisor).

For at least two years now, the squad has been pleading with the Town of Thurman for financial aid. Many residents have come forth with cash donations, probably more than some could afford. They have tried to help. Many have gone to the Town Board meetings to plead with the Board to find a way to keep the local squad. But they found their concern fell on deaf ears.

It appeared obvious that the Town Board had no desire to help the squad. Many viable suggestions were put forth, only to be ignored. At one such meeting the squad President asked what would the town do for its residents if the squad closed.

The response from the Town Supervisor was “....We will have other options to explore." When questioned as to what those other options were, there was no response; just a blank stare.

Well, we have discovered what those "options" are. And unfortunately I refuse to jeopardize myself and the squad by relaying that information.

Consequently, the squad will officially close its doors in the very near future. We are in the process of filing all necessary papers with the various state and local entities. Once all of these have been approved we will officially close.

At this time the entire squad wishes to thank all who have supported us throughout these trying times. We are aware that many gave much, and we are eternally grateful. It is a very sad day for all.

We have been honored to be there for you in your time of need. And thankful for your being there in our time of need.

May God bless you all.

Respectfully and sadly — for the entire squad,

Jean F. Coulard, President, Thurman EMS, Inc.

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