Thurman residents, stand your ground!

To the Adirondack Journal:

Irv West mentioned last week, “Let Thurman folks decide on EMS coverage." With that said, as a Thurman "folk" where our town was known once as "Almost Heaven,“ I could not agree more.

My parents moved to Thurman when I was just a year old, where I resided until I was 21. I left for short three short years and in that time married my husband and we had our first child. The one thing I wanted most for my new family was to live in a beautiful peaceful place where neighbors look out for one another, safety was not a concern, and my children could grow up in the way I had.

When I was a child, all town events either revolved around the children or the elderly. We had a summer rec program — I both attended it for years and was employed by it for two summers. We also enjoyed weekly trips to the YMCA and enjoyed a playground in the sun. Does any of this sound familiar?

My question is, what happened to Thurman? Yes, Thurman is still peaceful and beautiful (minus the new scrolling sign). Thurman also offers the children great holiday parties for which I'd like to thank all involved for all they do to organize these parties.

But overall, Thurman is a changed place and it certainly did not change for the better. Thurman has demolished the rec program, moved the playground to the top of the hill in the shade (where on hot days the bugs like to play) and eliminated the YMCA trips. Thurman has made it’s Old Home Days and the Fiddlers Jamboree a thing of the past, stopped garbage pick up and has a scrolling sign in front of the town hall, which is bound to cause an accident when a resident slows their vehicle just to read it. To top all this off, the town board is making Thurman an unsafe place to live by cutting funding and ultimately eliminating our dedicated EMS squad!

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