Lake George should support seniors!

To the Adirondack Journal:

Congratulations, you did it, sensationalism at best.

All I asked for at the town meeting to possibly reinstate the monthly trip to the Racino and the $500 per year to help defray some expenses in the operation of the Lake George Senior Center with incetencials (sic), which by the way, was discontinued by the new administration.

The seniors never asked for any subsidies from the town to go gambling, unless you consider a once a month trip to Saratoga Racino a heavy financial burden to the taxpayers and the town of Lake George, you have my sincere sympathy. According to your claims, it seems the town is in a worse financial position than the seniors were aware. Our apologies!

You also wrote, as per a board member, the monies involved, would better serve the citizens of the town of Lake George by applying it to citizens who can't pay their taxes, insurances, mortgages, their children's college tuitions, medical bills, etc..... Sorry, we didn't realize the L.G. Senior Citizens were such a burden to our community.

One does not need to be a financial genius to figure out that you were not comparing apples to apples. However, if you wish to crunch numbers, let me say this: every citizen 55 and over, and I feel confident in saying that, paid more taxes, and contributed more to charities than citizens 54 and under in their lifetime.

Also keep in mind, the senior citizens were here before you. They fought in wars, and built our country, and now we want to criticize them for wanting to spend some of their social security at the Racino if they so choose? Oh yes, I forgot, they should pay someone's college tuition?

I feel your write-up was a slap in our face and a lack of respect to the senior citizens of Lake George, and if this is the way our society is moving, God help our children!

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