Lake George needs solid plan for future growth

To the Adirondack Journal:

In referencing the Dec. 8 article “Mayor seeks input over zoning, high rise hotels in Lake George,” writer unknown, “…many believe that high-rise hotels in the Village would alter the status quo” is far from the findings of The Lake George Citizens’ Group.

A six-story hotel alters the character of the Village in its Adirondack, lakeside, rural setting. The majority of the citizens in the community — residents and many business owners —are opposed to a structure six stories high in the center of the Village. A number of people believe it could be tolerated at the southern or northern ends.

The vast majority of the community believes and supports change in the Village however, it’s a matter of what that change should be. We are a developed hamlet in the Adirondack Park, but we have not stayed up with the times or needs of the current tourist. We need a solid plan for the future before we grab on to a developer’s idea just to get a potentially harmful, irreversible change.

Yes, we need investors, but let’s not just think of the money, let’s get a plan for the future in place! Hire a professional planner who will seek input from the community as was done with the Charles Wood Park.

Karen Azer, founder

Joanne Gavin, spokesperson

Lake George Citizens Group

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