Thurman EMS needs your support

To the Editor:

How absurd!

Only a handful of people attended the Thurman Town Board meeting last week.

They were told that the majority of people in the town do not want taxes raised even if that means losing another service — this year, it’s emergency medical services.

When was the last time you got a credit card bill or a bank statement in the mail that did not show the right amount and you did not question it?

So, why is it that only a handful of people attended the most important meeting of the year in Thurman when the town council is determining the budget?

Why is it that the majority do not attend to question where their hard-earned money is going to be spent for the upcoming year?

You allow board members to decide how to spend your tax money and HOPE they do right by you.

When are you really going to start caring? Is it when you call 911 and expect a dedicated member of the Thurman EMS or fire company to show up to help you?

I guess our society has blinders on, and if you can not get immediate gratification for spending that hard-earned dollar, apparently it does not count.

The holiday season is coming upon us fast; please look into the eyes of your beloved family members, friends and neighbors. Then explain to them why the latest gadget or that extra cup of cappuccino was so much more important than taking that money to support the EMS agency that may one day need to be there to save their life or your own.

I believe people still care and have heart. Sometimes, it takes disaster or trauma for many people to wake up from the all-too-natural routine of life.

Your town budget this year only allocated Thurman EMS enough money for the ambulance payment which is turned right back into the town's hands. No other monetary support was budgeted for our dedicated EMS agency.

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